Dr. Universe in Space

Ask Dr. Universe is a popular feature in Washington State University's Alumni magazine. Children write in and get questions answered. The article that this illustration was created for featured minor planet 134340 also known as Pluto. 

Dr. Universe also has a short feature on Northwest Public Television. Click here if you wanna watch

July 4th Art

I didn't think my usual playful style was the right fit for what I was trying to create in this July 4th piece.

Inspired by an old  atlas I found at a thrift store. I was drawn to the illustration of the eagle, the ribbon in it's beak and the banner it was resting on.  The natural wear on the cover complimented the art and made it even more appealing. Adding to the inspiration was a video I had recently seen of Jon Contino at work.

Bible App for Kids

I had the opportunity to work with a great group of people to create The Bible App for Kids. Starting off I was the only illustrator on the project but we quickly realized a team of illustrators were going to be needed to pull off this project of 40 interactive Bible stories. The decision was made that i would create the characters and sketch out most scenes for the stories then the art would be passed to other artist for coloring and finally animation. 

Once the project was launched it quickly became the #1 Children's Bible on the iTunes Store. To date the App has 10 million installs across Apple, Android and Kindle platforms and is translated in 13 languages. They also have a printed version if you like turning pages. Something I like doing. Not to mention the smell of a new book, who doesn't love that?

This project was a huge undertaking for everyone involved. Was it easy? No. This might have been the hardest project I have ever tackled. Tons of research was involved. Everyone wanted to pay it the honor and respect that it deserves. I'm extremely proud of how it has turned out. It's rewarding to know the impact these stories are making on the lives of children and their families. I have even heard from clients that tell me how much their kids love it. 

Sketches from the Prodigal Son

Sketches from the Prodigal Son

1960's Spider-Man sanity art

Sometimes you just need to draw something for fun. This illustration was inspired by the 1960's Spider-Man cartoon. Out of all the Spider-Man cartoons ever made this one has the best and most iconic theme song. 

Aw, Nuts! Online Book Promos

One of the challenges of having a book released is keeping it in the public eye without saying the same thing every time you tweet or post. I discovered a fun way to do this with my first book "Aw, Nuts!" Aw, Nuts! was released in late Summer/early Fall. I realized once Fall was over parents were going to be looking for more holiday related stories for their children to read.

I started creating holiday related art and tied it to my book. I found my publisher enjoyed them as well and were willing to tweet these out to their followers. This served as a perfect way to remind parents that even though my book was not a holiday book it was in fact a perfect gift that would guarantee giggles. These promos also gave me the opportunity to show Squirrel outside the book and highlighting humor found in the story. 

The Standard of Mathematical Practice

I just created some colorful art starring Squirrel for teachers to use along side Aw, Nuts! The files are The Standards of Mathematical Practice which teaches perseverance through problem solving, something Squirrel knows all to well. Teachers can download the files for free Here

Pixar Tiki Characters Update

Who doesn't love Pixar? I can't name anyone. So when Mattel asked me to illustrate several of the Pixar characters as tiki gods I jumped at the chance. I think I said "Yes!" before I realized the deadline was less than 24 hours away. Not that, that mattered. I was gonna do this job if it meant propping my eyes open with tooth picks and an i.v. drip of caffeine. The Mission - Mattel was making a special action figure/doll of John Lasseter to present to him at Toy Fair. The Theme - was centered around Mr. Lasseter's love of Hawaiian shirts. My Job - create the super hip tiki art for the packaging. Sketches, revisions and approval were all met on time.  I even managed to get in a few minutes of sleep. Mattel was excited about the art and I had visions of the John Lasseter action figure nestled among Woody and Buzz in Mr. Lasseter's office. Unfortunately, I am not able to show the action figure. I can tell you that it looks great and comes decked out in a Hawaiian shirt. This action figure doesn't have kun-fu grip but if you get real close he will give you a hug. See Below for Update



I never knew what became of the John Lassiter action figure. Since it was a gift from Mattel I had decided it was probably in his office somewhere. Hopefully still in the packaging showcasing the pixar tiki characters I had illustrated. Not long ago my hopes were confirmed while watching the documentary Inside Pixar on Netflix. Toward the end of the episode I caught a quick glimpse of the action figure still in the packaging.  

Screen Shot from Inside Pixar.