President's Day Art/Bill and Ted Tribute

My son had never seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure so the night before President's Day we sat down and watched. My favorite part of the movie has always been Lincoln's address to the student body of San Dimas High.  After watching I thought this quick illustration would make the perfect tribute to an iconic movie and a message we should all remember to embrace. - Party on Dudes!

Pixar Times Knick Knack Series

Back in 2011 I  created these two Pixar themed characters for the Pixar Times Knick Knack Series. Artist where given a Buzz Lightyear form as the canvas. Nothing was off limits as long as the art was Pixar related. I decided to create a Steve Jobs black and white character since his book had just been or was about to be released and everyones favorite monster Mike Wazowski. There were several waves to this fun project. To see more visit the pixartimes.

Dexter and Dinger Comic

For several years I had the pleasure of working on a comic with Baseball Youth magazine. They wanted me to create two characters. A boy named Dexter that loved baseball and his faithful dog Dinger. I quickly got to work on the characters and it didn’t take me long to come up with something that we both liked. The client was very flexible with how I approached the comic art and the story. I wanted the art to have a looser more traditional comic strip feel than vector allows so I drew the art with pencil, scanned it in and colored the art in photoshop.

The comics usually came to me written, but they gave me the flexibility to rework the writing. I would generally keep the basic idea but reworked the punchline and tweaked the story for faster pacing and to be funnier throughout.