Luke and the Skyhopper

I created this piece for May 4th 2019 and just got around to posting it here.

Star Wars, A New Hope, for those born some time after 1977 is my favorite of all the films. The piece of art I have drawn is taken from an otherwise forgettable scene of Luke playing/admiring his Sky Hopper model. It’s only a quick snippet in the movie as 3PO is getting his oil bath. (“Thank the Maker”. ) but I think it says a lot. Luke is dreaming of the day when he can go to the academy. Most of his friends have left and he’s just stuck on a desert planet with nothing to do but dream.

Luke with skyhopperlores.jpg

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Luck Charms Cereal

I wanted to draw a little something special for St.Patrick’s Day. I went straight to everyones favorite Leprechaun. Lucky, from Lucky Charms cereal. I based my illustration on vintage cereal packaging.

Lucky Charms has been around for over 50 years and was the first cereal to include marshmallow bits. Over the years there have been around 64 marshmallow shapes included in the cereal from monsters and crystal balls to unicorns and candy canes. The original four were Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers. Their most recent and permanent addition to the marshmallow shapes is an hourglass.



After school, if I were lucky enough to get home in time I would turn on the tv and watch BATMAN. Everything about that show was awesome. The theme song, The animated opening, the fight scenes and the Batmobile. As kids, we watched and wondered how Batman and Robin were going to get out of this week's jam. Then went outdoors with towels safety pinned around our necks for capes and imagined we were Batman. As adults, we watched as if seeing the show for the first time because we had no clue it was so funny. I believe this is why the show has endured with fans. There have been quite a few actors play the caped crusader but none so groovy as Adam West. Farewell, old chum, you will be missed.

I created this fan art as a tribute to Adam West 1928-2017

I created this fan art as a tribute to Adam West 1928-2017

Captain - Hillsong Fan Art

I'm a big fan of Hillsong music. One song I have been listening to is "Captain.". I was inspired to create art based on the song and heavily influenced by the video. Okay, to be honest, I pulled this totally from the video. I kind of wish I hadn't seen it, Then I would have a  unique take on the song. That said, the video is beautifully done, and I just couldn't resist creating some fun moody fan art that paid homage to a great song and video.