Christmas Phone Wallpaper

Here ya go. My Christmas gift to you. These little illustrations were not scientifically measured to fit anyones phone. It works on mine, so hopefully it will work on yours. Copy 'em, save'em and bring a little Christmas cheer to your phone.

Captain - Hillsong Fan Art

I'm a big fan of Hillsong music. One song I have been listening to is "Captain.". I was inspired to create art based on the song and heavily influenced by the video. Okay, to be honest, I pulled this totally from the video. I kind of wish I hadn't seen it, Then I would have a  unique take on the song. That said, the video is beautifully done, and I just couldn't resist creating some fun moody fan art that paid homage to a great song and video. 

Star Wars in the Funny Paper

Back in the late 70's Star Wars was a comic strip in my local newspaper. It wasn't run in the paper for long. Recently I did a little research and found out these comic went from  the late 70's into the 80's and contained several different stories including Han Solo at Star's End. I used to own a pretty large collection of Sunday Funnies. from mid to late 70’s through the 80’s. The image below is from my Sunday Comics collection.

As near as I can tell I have found a compete set of these comics in one place for your reading enjoyment. Just Click Here