Paperlike vs iCarez - Textured screen protectors for iPad pros.

Many illustrators are adopting the iPad pro into their workflow. I'm no different. For me, the drawback has been the tactile feel of plastic pencil nib to glass. It's too slick for me to have any control over what I am drawing. I'm sure with lots of practice I could get used to it, but with deadlines looming, I never sat down to practice. Then another illustrator friend pointed me to the iCarez matte screen protector. He said it gave the pencil more drag on the screen, which, felt a little more like a pencil to paper. He was right. It didn't feel like paper, but it was better than nothing, and I did find I enjoyed using the iPad Pro more in my workflow.


Recently I had two iPad Pros at my house: mine and my daughter's. Her screen had the iCarez matte screen protector. I had just switched mine over to the Paperlike screen protector. As soon as I added Paperlike to my screen, I was pretty sure I could tell the difference. It did offer a bit more drag mimicking pencil to paper but not entirely. I was confident I could tell the difference between the two brands and I decided to find out for sure, so I set up an experiment to see if Paperlike was truly offering that all-important tactile feel of pencil to paper that we artist long for.

The Experiment: I had people sit down at the iPads blindfolded. The only thing that could touch the screen was the apple pencil. They could not see the iPads, so they didn't know which iPad was which. I wanted to see if they felt a difference in the two screen protectors or if the nice drag I was enjoying on my iPad with Paperlike was more mental than real.

The Results: Everyone could tell the difference. I even did the test, and it was close, but every one of us could feel more drag on the screen with Paperlike.

I realize this experiment is no real proof or scientific method, but it was good enough for me. The other two people that I used in the trial had never used Paperlike until that very moment.

So which do you choose?

Both brands are anti-glare, so staring at a screen is not hard on your eyes.

If the price is a concern then go with iCarez, it is way cheaper. iCarez runs for around $9.00 on Amazon and Paperlike is $36.00. I also had to wait around two weeks to receive Paperlike since it was shipped from the UK. iCarez is Amazon Prime, so the wait and price are an excellent trade off. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either one; however, I plan on sticking with Paperlike. There was a little difference in the feel of pencil nib to screen. I do admit it was close, but even a slight difference makes a big difference in my enjoyment of working digitally.