Tales of the Explained or Silly Ghost Stories

Magically Delicious

Magically Delicious started out as a cereal mascot, but his career wasn’t long lived. Focus groups made up of moms were not overly enthusiastic about sugar coated mucus. Kids on the other hand loved the sweet and salty flavor combo. Out of work Magically Delicious was able to focus on his passion project, finding homes for lost socks. If you are wearing matching socks today you have Magically Delicious to thank. So the next time you wake up in the middle of the night because you think you heard something, relax. It’s probably Magically Delicious reuniting your lost socks.

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As a P.R. stunt after the whole "Frankenstein monster debacle" Dr. Frankenstein created FrankenFurries.

Kids everywhere wanted one. People just loved these rejuvenated bunnies.

Once again Dr. Frankenstein was back in the good graces of his community. He expanded the FrankenFurries line to include Lamas, Aardvarks and Komodo Dragons but none had the appeal of the bunny. His excellent standing wasn't long-lived. Other mad scientist got into the toy game, creating their own line of mutated beasts for children. Forseeing this as a possibility the Doctor had predisposed his FrankenFurries to destroy all knockoff brands. When people carrying their Frankenfurries met up with someone playing with the knockoff FrankenFurry . . . well let's just say it wasn't pretty.